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Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account - Wanderer Scaramouche ( America )

Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account - Wanderer Scaramouche ( America )

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Farmed Starter Account Info

Available Server: America
Adventure Rank: 45-55
Progression: Inazuma/Sumeru/Fontaine Unlocked
Primogems: 38000-48000
Acquaint Fate: 70-90
Intertwined Fate: 30-60

Delivery Info

Your login information will be delivered to your email within 24 hours, although in most cases, it will be delivered within minutes.

Security Guarantee

Accounts created with a HoYoverse username have no linked email or mobile number.

Operating System Compatibility

Will work on iOS, Android, PC, and PS4/5.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Kara Roberts

The service was amazing and I got my account quickly! Will definitely buy again.

Enrico Rizzi
Account buyed

Non male, anche se è molto strano. In tutti gli altri account che ho comprato su questo sito avevano al interno molti artefatti già farmati e questo aiutava molto poco dopo l'acquisto a poter "mettersi in pari" coi livelli del mondo e quelli della squadra, che di solito, a inizio gioco (di un account comprato) c'è molto da fare per sistemare tutto in vista di andare avanti con la storia (storia che non conosci se non hai già giocato a tutto Genshin impact)

its great!

i got what i wanted! i been playing on this account for about 2 weeks and its been pretty smooth. the only thing is that the characters are level one with no artifacts however i got my cousins/friends to play me farm. at first i thought it was a scam due to how long it was taking for them to reach back to me but i got the account in about 7-8 hours. the account also came with jean and diluc which is a nice bonus. i wished on the standard banner with the wishes given (78 pulls) and i got two five star weapons! (the jade spear and skyward pride if anyone was curious.) the account also had every statue maxed (besides fontaine which was lvl 4-5) and tons of exp books + mora, most of the mail/events arent claimed as well so you can claim them yourself. over all the account is amazing and it came with over 370+ wishes in total including primogems, standard wishes and limited banner wishes. this is great for people who want characters but dont want to farm for themselves.the login itself was very easy too since there is no email linked to it! its so worth it!!! its cheap and worth it!! <33

Wanderer + wishes

quick, cheap, and easy 👍


Got what I ordered in short time!