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Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account - Kaedehara Kazuha ( Europe )

Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account - Kaedehara Kazuha ( Europe )

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Farmed Starter Account Info

Available Server: Europe
Adventure Rank: 43-48
Progression: Sumeru City Unlocked
Primogems: 25000-30000
Acquaint Fate: 45-55
Intertwined Fate: 20-30

Delivery Info

Your login information will be delivered to your email within 24 hours, although in most cases, it will be delivered within minutes.

Security Guarantee

Accounts created with a HoYoverse username have no linked email or mobile number.

Operating System Compatibility

Will work on iOS, Android, PC, and PS4/5.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Yassen Grech
So Quick!!

Literally came in the span of like 1-2 hours!


first off, i ordered a xiao europe farmed starter account and on the description it said 25-30000 primogems, that made me think it was gonna be rare to get 30k or close to it , but when i opened up the acc and checked the primos IT WAS 32K like i thought it could only go up to 30k but no, it went ABOVE, AMAZING, these people are doing the community a favour giving this much for such little money, however, a caviat being these are BOT farmed, this means they havent got to lvl 60 its just the starter characters with only 4 star weapons no artefacts and even though the AR is like 40-45 the characters are extremely underlevelled, so im currently in the midlle of trying to fix it, also, you really would wanna buy this because it says up too 24 hours delivery, mine only took like 3 minutes! i bought 2 and both were very fast and effortless, and yes if you are reading the reviews to see if its a scam THIS SITE IS NOT A SCAM i bought 2 items and both true to their word with even some extra things! also it came with a lot of billets for me and tons of domain lequirary 5 stars giving a lot of rlly awesome artefacts, and another thing, THE AMOUNT OF HERO WITS AND LEVEL UP MATERIAL IS INSANE, for example, earlier on today when i opened up the xiao account i checked the inventory and was ASTONISHED TO FIND 1500 HERO WITS 2500 ADVENTURERS EXPERIENCE and a whopping 4000 MYSTIC ENHANCEMENT ORE like that is amazing so if u are looking to buy a genshin account for cheap from this website i would certianly reccommend it.

Alex Mcginily

came quickly, effortlessly and has everything i wanted

Mark Habermann
Got what i wanted

The ship time si long but i got what i wanted

Nice and fast!

Delivery was fast, thanks!