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Got alhaitham

About 25k primos and lots of good 4 stars

They scammed me

I ordered an account on here but they gave me the wrong account log in and have not replied since

Received the account fast

i can vouch, idk how to proof im real but i legit received my account within 2-3 hours. Received as stated + many other resources that weren't stated in list which was a wonderful surprise.

Came as ordered

You get what you pay for nothing more to say

More than satisfied

I've been waiting a few hours for the account credentials, when i checked the account i bought (with Ayaka), I discovered there was even another 5 star and a bunch of 4 stars (20 total char). The price is very low for an account like that, recommended!

Raid: Shadow Legends Legendary Underpriest Brogni Starter Account


Got my Yoimiya enough primos for a five star on the next two banners! <3

Double Charged

I got double charged for an account and didnt even get sent the 2nd account

Genshin Impact Primogems Reroll Single Banner 5-Star Farmed Starter Account - 200-300 Draws ( Europe )

Genshin Impact Starter Account - Nahida ( America | Europe | Asia )

Got What i wanted

24h delivery Got what i wanted and you can attach your own email once you get the acc very good!


Amazing account! Had just what i wanted!!

Genshin Impact Primogems Reroll Characters Farmed Starter Account - 200-300 Draws ( America )

Epic7 Straze Account

Bought Epic7 starter with Straze,took a couple of hours but i received everything + the account had many resources (i expected it to have 0,was satisfied with the result).Very good thanks


had to wait a little bit but all was good

Bought 7ds jp acc

Very legit and fast thanks

YES but No

I got everything promised and I must admit that I was really satisfied beyond my expectations. i ordered an account with Yelan and random 5 star banner which turns out to be Raiden Shogun! and i also got 25k primo i was very happy but on the other hand i had to wait more than 12HOURS for my order.
it's not the first time I've ordered here and it's not the first time that an order takes so "many" hours to be delivered
IS LEGIT? sure is it i buyed 5 acc here
IS FAST? Depends (it can get to you in 2 hours or like 12)
P.S ( only a few characters are farmed to level 50 the rest of the characters are level 1 so initially it's not that easy to get ahead)
i hope this helped

Excellent service!

I brought the account around 3pm and got it at 5pm the instructions were very clear so I’ll give this an overall 5 stars.

Genshin Impact Starter Account - Hu Tao With 5-Stars Polearm Staff of Homa ( America )

Gracias viene todo lo que quería

26/03/23 Perfecta la cuenta viene con hutao y homa, estoy tan feliz por fin tengo la cuenta de mis sueños al principio estaba preocupada pero créeme esperar vale la pena solo hace falta que la cuenta me dure iré editando la opinión por si hay cambios