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Really fast!

I bought it and got it in less than a minute. I'm used to waiting a few hours to a day! Really recommend!

Just ordered

Just ordered one waiting for it to come in


I got everything and an extra 5star

I can’t login

I’ve been trying for hours to login but it won’t let me like cmon I’ve been messaging repeatedly and I got no response like bro


I love this seller they gave me it in less a minute 🤩would recommend buying from this shop

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS - Farmed Starter Account ( Global | Android )

Amazing! <3

It came with everything I asked for, thank you!

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Starter Account - 167000+ Stars ( Japan )

Got everything perfectly. Account was perfect.

Very Trustworthy, and got the product fast! Very reliable and will absolutely buy from again.


Comes with rolls and the characters of course. Perfect for if you are buying to play a specific character. Though I've purchased 3 different accounts from this one, they all have one thing I don't like. High world level (5+) and little/no leveled characters meaning you will be VERY under leveled. Fighting 56lv bosses for ascension mats w/ 20-40lv characters.

Not working

Bruh i bougt the account and they gave it to me but its not working i tried contacting the support team they were responding but when i said that the account not working they started to not respond

everything in order

everything on the account is as described

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS - Farmed Starter Account ( Global | Android )

Ultra vegito

I think if you have the money def buy one of these accounts. Crazy value for just having an ultra but 30 K cc on top is even crazier for the anniversary.

Best decision ever

I got what i paid for and i do not regret spending my money on this account


I’ve bought multiple accounts here. They’ve all come within 24 hours and we’re exactly as described.